Friday, March 12, 2010

Irena Kazazić , 1000 roses in May

STUDIO8, Galerija Tukadmunga, Soteska ८

Irena Kazazić , 1000 roses in May

18.3.ob 20.05 - 7.4.2010

in search of wellbeing, virtue and freedom

I don’t believe in ideals our predecessors used to believe in। I don’t believe in prejudice, eye 4 an eye, fight till last drop of blood is shed and everything is left in ruins. I don’t believe in ashes of the past. I believe in being who u are, discovering world through eyes of an adventurer, and finding beauty in every days’ deeds. I believe in love, honesty, work, and freedom of speech. My art is about these things.

We are all a part of the same universe, interconnected with our thoughts, feelings and actions. If u hurt, I hurt. When children are dying of hunger, the animals are being extinguished, and earth being polluted by power wars, I cry. I cry, and I fight back in my way, with my art, trying 2 contribute 4 better future. 2 decorate our home with beauty and goodness, so your eye can catch some light, 2 turn your thought onto thinking something pleasant. 2 stretch your mind, so u can stop being a selfish, cynical tightass. ‘cause u don’t feel good that way, do u?

People who are depicted in my paintings are friends who think similary, though we live in different worlds, have different jobs, and eat different cereals for breakfast. I disagree with uniformism and nazi blind theories produced by the capitalistic regime, that we all should be happy – pappy all the time. The reality is, that being happy, or in a state of zen, the term I use 2 describe the state of mind of overall bliss, wellbeing and freedom, is very hard 2 achieve if u are susceptible 2 happenings in the environment. Still, in my opinion, it is the highest virtue of them all: if u are not at least a bit satisfied, u are unproductive and a useless pain 4 the society. And though u cannot feel at your best every single day, this cannot stop u from trying again 2morrow.

So I make my art fresh and neat in order 4 u 2 feel good when u look at it. So u can step forward and say > mmm, this is njami, and airy, and has zest. In order 4 u 2 feel good about yourself again, so u can go home and be nice 2 your spouses, kids, and parents.

This is what my part is all about। No great philosophies, no war, no fear, just love, awareness and wellbeing. Enjoy.

Produkcija : STUDIO 8

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