Thursday, November 5, 2009

João César Monteiro

João César Monteiro

A Retrospective on one of the most important Portuguese directors of the XX century

One of the greatest and most underrated Portuguese Directors of all time. Considered a madman by some and a fraud by others, his attempts to create movies that were at the same time groundbreaking and interesting were often misunderstood. João César Monteiro, as always, in all is movies, showed a great disregard for conventions. He is an actor too and has appeared often in his own films on various occasions.

The great master of comic genre Joao Cesar Monteiro has made some of the most outlandish films in the history of Portuguese cinema. Very few people know that films made by him do not have any parallel in World cinema. His films are bold in the sense that they carry very minimal plot weight and rely heavily on the zany moods of its characters. Those who have seen films by the "highly unusual" German director Herbert Achternbusch will easily catch a glimpse of this Portuguese iconoclast's vision.

This project is organized by Studio Osem in collaboration with Kud Sestava and supported by Instituto Camões and the Portuguese Embassy in Slovenia.


Petek 6Nov09

18h – 22h

Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen 19min

Coming and Going 179min

Sobota 7Nov09


Who waits for dead man's shoes dies shoeless 34min

Recollections of the Yellow House 122min


Vai e Vem

Coming and Going


Because this lives out from the feeling that Lisboa is... an ode to the things that João Cesar Monteiro found dearest to him. Almost a farewell to life itself, and since this was Monteiro's last film, this is revealed to be true.

Recordações da Casa Amarela

Recollections of the Yellow House


The first work of the triology where the author interprets his alter-ego as João de Deus. With the goal to make art and the transmission to the viewers of how he see the human condition, this is one of his most achieved movies and was priced with the silver lion in the Venice Movie Festival in 1989.

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